About me


Shona Thirsk – I have been involved with dogs for over 28 years.  It first started with my late Boxer, Lance, who received his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificate and then went on to be a Certified Therapy Dog with both St John’s Ambulance and the Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta.  We visited hospitals in both Oshawa, ON and Edmonton, AB.

My husband Rick and I currently share our home with our 4 border collies – Baxter, a red & white who is 12 years old and 3 black & whites:  Ripley, 11 yrs old, Lexi who is 5 and our new addition Judge.

While living in Edmonton, I discovered agility becoming involved in the sport since 2001 when I brought home my first wire haired fox terrier, Abbey.  I have competed successfully at both the Provincial and National level and have earned an Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC) title on the first ever wire fox terrier.  Agility quickly became a passion in my life which has led me to actively teach and compete in the sport.

Attending agility and foundation seminars with my young agility dog Lexi and puppy Judge is also a passion, I love to learn new and exciting handling options from some of the best;  Shape Up instructors – Justine, Jessica and Rebecca, H360 student and workshops, Jenny Damm, Zeljko Gora, Svetlana Tumanova, Lisa Frick, Tereza Kralova and Kayl McCann to name a few.  Lexi, Judge and I currently train under the guidance of Tiffany Salmon (14 time member of Canada’s Agility Teams)

I thrive on seeing handlers and their dogs succeed in learning and building as a team.  Most importantly both owner and dog need to have FUN!

I am active in the dog community; having held the positions of Vice President of the Ottawa Valley Border Collie Club for 5 years, Assistant Manager of the 2012 IFCS Canadian Team, and as a Managment Team Member of the CKC Agility Team Canada.  I have hosted many UKI trials including 2 Regional Cups.